New ways and decisions to create a new style .

My friend Natalia Rezaeva is a fashion designer ,she helped to create the new fiery look from new style collection and here there are some photo made by Elena Bel  and this is what we have got:




Photographer: Elena Bel contact skype: lenasyroman
Designer of clothes: Natalia Rezaeva (“ PaVela”)
Model: Irene Bel

The actor Oleg Macovei :”The theater begins with a hanger” .

Today, I am going to get to know about the theatrical outfit for scenes. I am discussing it with Oleg Macovei, who is the actor of the theater “Luceafarul” in Chisinau.

Irina: Hello Oleg, my name is Irina, I am working with Mediagroupen, in Sweden, and I am writing about style. I know that in the theater there is a special attitude for scenic clothes and I want to discuss about it with you.
Oleg: Hi Irina, nice to meet you! Yes I like that subject , the outfit is very important for our profession. Lets discuss it.
Irina : So tell me, usually when Russians are making comments about theater, they usually mention it with a hanger, why?
Oleg: Yes “The theater begins with a hanger”. It doesn’t mean that anyone has to hang oneself. It’s a joke. Honestly, everything is much more serious.
The actors are arriving in two or free hours before beginning of performance. The preparation to the moment of creation is very scrupulous. Nobody is talking during preparation because everybody is concentrated on job. Everybody has the outfit for scene waiting until the right moment. Dressing up is like reincarnation, when actor takes off his clothes of his own style , shaped by his own personality and put it on a hanger, and changes it into another suit, which is complementing to his scenic character. Thats the reason of why they say “the theater begins with a hanger”.

Irina : Does the style influences to the actor’s well performing of his role , or it doesn’t matter so much, or the good actor may play his role with different type of clothes ?
Oleg: Every actor must check the suit while dressing it up, in order not to mix up anything and not to discredit the scenic character. It is very important to keep the primary conceived style.
Can you imagine the future king coming to the coronation in jeans!? you may think it’s funny and you say, well, why not? but this is not possible and will not happen in real life. Although, all happens in the theater. Sometimes even happens that kings go out in jeans for the coronation, if the style of play is allowed by so-called modernism. In general, stage clothing may be different from the epochal to a stylized, it depends on the director’s concept and the imagination of the designer, of course.

Irina : We struck up a conversation with the fact that it is necessary to come earlier for two or three hours, only because of the clothes, while dressing up for humans usually may take a maximum about 15 minutes, so what do you have to spend these two of three hours for?
Oleg : The actor has to check the suit if it is not damaged , in case it is , he is sent to the dresser, who is responsible for the suit before and after work. This is one of reason why the actor is obliged to come to the theater ahead of time. Dressers need sufficient time to be able to correct any problem, because to play in a ragged suit is not normal. Unless of course you do not play a bum.
Irina: yes exactly , but why is it forbidden to wear someone else’s stage clothes?
Oleg : Nobody has the right to condemn someone else’s stage clothes, and even more to put someone else’s. Of course there are exceptions. This occurs when the two actors playing the same role, that is duplicative, and they probably got only one suit.

Irina: What usually they do with clothes after performance ?
Oleg : After the performance, all the costumes are sent to the cleaners. It would seem that when you wear them then they are clean and you do not have to worry and everything has to be fine, but still always you may feel the power of the soul of the person who wore it before you, and that’s why during the stage is forbidden to wear someone else’s clothes.

During our conversation, the conclusion is made that , clothing may be different in size, can compress or hang, but that does not mean it’s bad, the question is how responsive the stage-character but not the actor himself. Definitely, he shouldn’t blame his stage clothes. Every actor with who has his own self-esteem knows it and cares for his costume and how it is important.

Descussion between Irina and Oleg Macovei

Translating and editing by Irene Bel


Wedding traditions.

Tradition veil to cover the bride’s head as I have observed, is very popular and this sign of innocence complementing her look during the wedding, until the moment the relatives start to disguise her into a housewife , before the weddings night ends.
Primarily, a veil covers the head and face of the bride in order to protect her from the evil eye and spoilage. And secondly, veil is a symbol of purity.


Particular attention should be paid to the bride’s wedding dress. It should be white or any other, but a lighter shade (dark colors are excluded). It is advisable for a dress be quite long (necessarily below the knee).
It sleeveless dress must complement with gloves are covering her hands up to the elbows, cape, scarf or stole. Deep neckline and open shoulders better if combined with same accessories.
In the wedding ensemble must necessarily include a hat: veil, gloves and etc.

The dress style for the popular traditional events.

What Moldavians usually spend their money for ? There are customs and traditions of wedding dresses . Usually mostly of girls spend it for creating their image , it is unbelievable amount of money respectively twice bigger than the overage middle Moldavian salary!


Well, I have made my research in the local boutiques with local prices together with interweaving of local “fashion girls” and it was a kind of chock when I found and compared the prices :

of a dress is around 100 – 200 euro
25-40 euro is the price for a bag
the hairstyle is around 20-40 euro
underwear is 20-30 euro
the price for the new shoes is 50 – 70 euro

The budget is an amount of approximately 365 euro ,while the overage salary is around only 165 euro !!! So this 365 euro they may probably collect during 1-2 years , for just to spend it in one day for beauty look and as the rest of society expect them to! I can’t imagine of how much the residents of the West European countries spend on it? And does it make any sense to celebrate the wedding? People of different countries definitely prioritize in a very different way of their budget so, as a result the standard of life is also so different.